Arda Obuz, who has been providing consultancy services to international investors on real estate purchases n Turkey, Spain, UAE, UK, Portugal, USA since 2006; founded TURESTA on February 14, 2011. TURESTA, which was founded on the same day as Valentine's Day, which is celebrated all over the world, is a real estate company that is most admired, loved and a valuable part of the sector by international investors and everyone selling in the real estate sector in Turkey, just like the values ​​it carries on this special day. TURESTA is the corporate and leading brand that has been serving for many years in the international real estate market in Turkey, with its experience gained from tens of thousands of real estate sales that it mediates, its new ethics and principles it brings to international real estate sales, its sustainability policy for the entry of foreign capital into our country, and a new breath it brings to the sector. TURESTA, which has been serving international investors for many years, aims to be the best and largest real estate marketing platform in Turkey for domestic investors with its innovative buying and selling approach it has brought to the real estate sector with The problems experienced between sellers and buyers in almost all countries of the world have caused a great decrease in the reliability of the real estate sector and customer satisfaction. The founder of TURESTA, Arda Obuz, as a real estate investor and real estate agent for years, brought a new approach to TURESTA as of 2022 in order to repair this insecurity and dissatisfaction in the sector. Arda Obuz aims to be the number one choice of sellers and buyers with an innovative system that will completely change the real estate sector. In order to achieve its goals on this path, he has formed a young and dynamic team consisting of experienced and innovative people, adopting customer satisfaction and analytical thinking system. TURESTA, which proceeds in parallel with legal consultancy support on this road, is ready to provide you with the best service with its young staff that prioritizes reliability and customer satisfaction in accordance with all legal regulations during the real estate purchase and sale process.