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A different fairy-tale life in each one…. Unique experiences, comfort as well as technology in all!

In addition to social facilities, such as concierge, a fitness and wellness center, and also a swimming pool, a fascinating view of Istanbul awaits you at Skyland Istanbul, which offers a variety of amenities ranging from studio apartments to 4+1 apartments. Besides smart home technologies, the city’s largest oxygen source, the Belgrade Forest, is located right next to Skyland Istanbul.

Skyland Location;

Sisli; It is an upscale district full of exclusive hotels, fashion boutiques and shopping centers such as Istanbul Cevahir AVM. While the elegant restaurants serve European and international cuisine, Halaskargazi Street and its surroundings are full of cocktail bars. Documents and some memorabilia exhibited in the Atatürk Museum, which is located in the house where Atatürk lived for a while. The Ottoman-era Ihlamur Pavilion is famous for its peaceful gardens.

Ayazağa Neighborhood is named after Artuk, son of Eksük, from the Central Asian Kipchak Turks. Ilgazi, son of Artuk, takes it from Ayaz Ağa, the grandson of Ayaz Pasha, from the generation of Ayaz, son of Ilgazi. Ayaz Ağa was born in Istanbul. They say that the district has a 300-year history. 


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Fully Furnished Office in Levent 459 m2 | Skyland Istanbul
media 23
  • Commercial property
  • $3.1Milyon
Kiralık Özellikler
Skyland'de Mi̇mari̇ Tasarimli, Mobi̇lyali, Taşinmaya Hazir 400m2 Ofi̇s
media 60
  • Yeni Projeler
  • $11,500
Skyland'de 450m2 Herşey Dahil Hazır Ofis
media 31
  • Yeni Projeler
  • $15,000
Skyland'de 450m2 Herşey Dahil Hazır Ofis

Sariyer, Beyoğlu

icon 450 m² → m² (İngilizceden Türkçe'ye)